What Is Included in a Statement of Work

Break down the steps in your workspace into detailed tasks. Be very specific with these tasks and leave nothing out. While creating a statement of work may seem pretty simple, it`s not fair to do it right. Here`s why: To illustrate why this is important, take the example of a website build. Let`s say you agree with a customer that you`re creating a new website for $100,000. That`s great, but what exactly will the customer get for their $100,000? Is it just a one-page website or a 100-page website? Who creates the website content? And who charges it? Who hosts it and who owns the code? The scope of the project defines all these issues and more, so there is a common understanding of a project. Regardless of your industry, the only constant throughout a project`s lifecycle is paperwork. There is always a lot of paperwork to create, approve, archive and finally archive. All of these documents are important, but the statement of work is easily one of the most important because it is created at the beginning of a project and describes everything that needs to go into your project. You can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial of SweetProcess, a tool that allows you to effectively collaborate with your team members on tasks such as creating a job description for an upcoming project.

Scope of work The Scope of work section describes the work to be performed and the processes required to complete the work. It covers the outcome of the project in terms of service, product or time spent and clarifies an acceptable outcome. It can include a list of high-level steps that need to be taken to complete the job. However, detailed task lists should be included in the Requirements and Tasks section (see below). A statement of work attempts to define the responsibilities, responsibilities, and work arrangements between two parties, usually between a client and parties, such as: Once you have defined the scope, start and end dates, and agreed on the available resources, you can begin to schedule the project. It`s always a good idea to discuss milestones and timelines with your client when creating the statement of work. You don`t want to run outside the perimeter you`ve agreed on. With the timeline, you know what milestones to deliver, when and in what order.

For a template for the RFP, see Forecasts on the Project Scope Definition page. Here`s a little taste: Add a parent project calendar – a time-based calendar. Provide information, such as the duration of the project. B, the tools and resources that both parties will need and where the project will take place. This is the most flexible type of SoW. It highlights the objective of the project, the resources to be provided, the expected results, the equipment required and the quantifiable results, without telling the contractor how to carry out the work. Failure to write (or write correctly) a service description is too often the reason clients and agencies come into conflict. When there is uncertainty or ambiguity, it creates tension because there may be a gap in understanding what has been agreed.

The idea of a service description is not to catch a customer, but to specify exactly what is done, how, when and the cost. Place of performance The place of performance describes the place where work on the project is carried out. If necessary, it also lists the facilities used. If regular meetings will be held as part of this project, indicate where the parties will meet. Sites can include: “Brainstorming at a detailed level before writing a SOW allows you to get a better idea of the decisions you need to make later, or additional features that can be added without too much extra work,” says Papperello. The client may have additional feedback after writing a statement of work or, as a consultant, you may want to exercise some creative freedom for things that are not mentioned in the statement of work. This flexibility is important to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the finished product. If you`re ready to create a full job description and follow up on your next project, we`d love to help you get started. The number of people involved in creating a SoW depends on the complexity of the project.

Ideally, these are the five roles involved in creating a statement of work for each project: A detailed project SoW organizes your internal and external workflows. Team members, service providers and clients can identify with the document and know what to do and when to do it. Your operation goes smoothly, even if you are not available. I understand. It is tempting not to deal with a service description; After all, who loves paperwork? A Statement of Work (STATEMENT of Work) is a document that contains a description of the requirements of a particular project. It defines the scope of the work carried out, the results of the project, the schedules, the place of work and the terms of payment. Resources and Tests In the Resources and Tests section, create a list of key people involved in the project, such as . B project manager, team leaders and any other key player on the client and contractor side.

This also includes any equipment or other resources used to perform the work, e.B hardware and software. Use Smartsheet`s customizable contract management sheet to track vendor progress and maintain tender documentation. You can perform real-time status updates and notify your team of calendar changes. Share the fact sheet with internal and external stakeholders to increase transparency and keep everyone informed. The product also offers a wide selection of smart views – Grid, Calendar, Gantt and Map View – and customizable dashboards. Whether you`re a project manager, field technician, or operations manager, Smartsheet works the way you want it to. Follow the general steps outlined in the scope of work and break them down into more detailed tasks. Be specific and don`t skip any action required for the project to produce its results. If desired, divide tasks into milestones or phases. A work breakdown structure model can help. When writing a job description, it can be useful to use a template as it needs to capture all the different aspects of the project. Most templates include elements such as a glossary of terms that define what you are referring to in the SoW.

There will be a place where you can write the letter of intent as well as administrative information. So, while an MSA is a control document for the entire relationship, the SoW usually deals with the specifics of a single project. If you do not have a master service contract, you must include the details described above in your service description. If you have an MSA, you can of course leave it outside the service description. SOW is also an essential document for the team to make daily decisions. This prevents the team from falling into many traps when the project is in progress, such as. B disputes over project requirements, “selective amnesia” and retouching, to name a few. A Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK) defines a service description as “a narrative description of products or services to be provided under a contract.” A statement of work, also known as a “scope of work,” is a contractual document that describes in as much detail as possible what goes into the project. Tenders are documents created by companies or organizations when they want to find an agency, supplier or contractor for a particular service. Different industries have slightly different ways of creating tenders, but most will describe at least one scope of the work, specific functionality requirements or technical requirements, as well as an overview of the schedule or deadlines. We`ll also guide you through the process of creating a SoW for your next project with a simple statement of work template.

A WBS divides the scope of a project`s work into more manageable sections to help the team stay on track and better achieve their goals. While the WBS describes the hierarchy of work items, the PSW describes how this work should be done. If you have a PSP, use it as a plan for your basic backup. Be sure to copy each element of the WBS into your WBS. This makes it easier to write, track and settle. The MSA is a contract between an agency and a client in which both parties agree to the terms that govern future transactions or future agreements, such as.B. service description. The CDRL is a list of data product results that an entrepreneur must provide for public procurement. It also describes the requirements, e.B in what format data products should be available and how they should be delivered.

CDRL entries should refer to those parts of the STATEMENT of work that use these results. The statement of work, in turn, should refer to the titles and article numbers of the corresponding CDRL entries. On the plus side, if you save all the details of the project in advance, you can eventually be saved from a world full of problems. That`s why you want your service description to be complete and well polished before someone signs on the dotted line. We`ve created this guide to help you achieve this goal, so let`s get started: to summarize, for complete transparency and understanding between the agency, team members, and client, everyone should know what is agreed in the statement of work. The creation of the statement of work should be a joint effort, as the statement of work is a means of understanding. First, you will learn what a service description is and what is not. .

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